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Sarah Shearer’s CNSP Blog!

Check out current student Sarah Shearer’s blog of her time at CNSP:

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CNSP Network: Clean Our Environment Campaign

This just in from CNSP Network:

CNSP Network successfully completed its first initiative: Clean Our Environment Campaign, on last saturday (April 6, 2010). The campaign was held in Hattiban hill where the participants of the campaign collected more than 8 baskets of garbage, which consisted of plastic and polythene bags, water bottles, juice packets, plastic glasses, chips and biscuits packets, etc. The participants burned the collected garbage safely in the forest and vowed to become serious for changing habits which cause environmental threats. The Campaign was guided by a principle that we can make a difference if we are eager for change.

The Network would like to offer its sincere thanks to all eight participants of the Campaign and urge all interested people to have active participation in Network’s initiatives in the days to come.

Here are some photos by Bicram Rijal from the event:

Please contact CNSP network via email to to participate in future projects or for more information.

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Announcing CNSP Network!

Twenty CNSP Alumni met February 27th in Kirtipur and formed Cornell Nepal Study Program (CNSP) Network. CNSP Network aims to expand the collaborative and transnational community of past, present, and prospective CNSP members interested in scholarship, research, advocacy, and activism. Through paper presentations and publications, panels, and online discussion forums, CNSP Network aims to keep students, academics, and professionals connected with each other, as well as with similar groups in and outside of Nepal. Beginning with Kirtipur and slowly moving into the greater Kathmandu areas, CNSP Network also proposes to engage the local community through outreach programs that include, but are not limited to, cleaning campaigns, guest-teaching/lecturing in schools, culture nights, and mentoring programs. In addition, the members of CNSP Network will create a scholarship fund to assist students in economically disadvantaged positions with their education. As this network grows, so will the activities and objectives.

The participants at the first meeting acknowledged the importance of forming a functional body to organize all activities and programs, but further stressed the need for a non-hierarchical structure so that all participating members can learn and exchange the skills necessary to move CNSP Network forward. The constructive feedback of all remains crucial to achieving this goal.

This organization is still in development, please contact Bicram Rijal at to join, for information, or to contribute your thoughts.

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Cornell Winter Break Trip to Nepal in the News

CNSP sponsored a Cornell Outdoor Education trip to Nepal over the Winter 2009/2010 break. Read more about it in the Cornell Daily Sun!

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Happy Harvest!

CNSP rents a small rice field near school and every fall students and staff harvest rice which was planted by staff and any early arriving students during the monsoon. These pictures show the cutting and threshing. The sound is the whir of the foot-powered threshing machine. After harvest the rice is taken to a local mill where it is pressed to make flat little flakes of chura, a type of beaten rice eaten as a snack or as the foundation for Newar-style feasting. These pictures are from this time last year.

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CNSP Featured in Cornell Daily Sun

Click here jump to the article!

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Walk to Kirtipur Stupa

While we continue work on the tabs and links, here’s a stop-motion movie of CNSP students and staff walking around the stupa at the top of Kirtipur hill:

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photo: CNSP’s Till-dai and grad-students during last year’s festivities

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Crosstown Taxi

Over the next few weeks I’ll put up some movies for you to enjoy while we work on completing the tabs and links. Here’s one of a cross-town taxi-ride at rush hour.

I made this time-lapse video by taking over 2,000 individual pictures and inserting them as movie frames.  The actual cab-ride took over two hours thanks to ‘office time’.  It was twilight, so each frame gets blurrier as the sun sets.  The soundtrack is a home recording by Andy Rick and draws on American country music sensibilities.

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New Video!!! Check It Out!!!

CNSP’s new promotional video, courtesy of the multi-talented professor Kathyrn March:

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